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Open Letter to Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix in Regard to Rise of The Tomb Raider:









After hearing the appalling news that Rise of The Tomb Raider will be shipping exclusively to the Xbox One, we as fans are extremely outraged.

We all saw how chummy Crystal was with Microsoft during the reboot’s initial campaign. But to this extent, to go as far as making “ROTTR” an Xbox…

Im so angry and upset that the integrity of the company has been compromised due to quite frankly, plain old bribery. I have played every Tomb Raider game going, and was even considering getting an old Xbox 360 (I’m a staunch Sony PlayStation user with a PS3/4), but not anymore.

I refuse to buy products from Microsoft in their gaming range, and I no longer trust SquareEnix or Crystal Dynamics as a consumer. The don’t deserve getting peoples money for backhanded and childish actions.

In light of the fact that Rise of the Tomb Raider is a timed XBox exclusive, this decision makes an incredible amount of sense, and is possibly even good for the Tomb Raider franchise.

Hear me out.

Remember how Tomb Raider sold 3.4 million copies in its first month, yet Square-Enix still felt that its sales were disappointing?  Something was going on with that game’s budget wherein it needed to sell a tremendous amount of copies in order to be profitable (which it eventually did, thankfully).  The cost of bringing a videogame to the market is not just cost of development—there’s a lot more.  Ask A Game Dev did a wonderful post on what kind of perks Microsoft can give to S-E.  TL;DR: MS can make it cheaper for Square-Enix to publish Tomb Raider, therefore making it easier for Tomb Raider to turn a profit.  So long as Tomb Raider turns a profit, we get more Tomb Raider games. Sony just announced that they have sold 10 million PS4s to customers in 9 months.  They have no incentive whatsoever to lure S-E to their side when they know that they are going to want a piece of that audience anyway—and in all likelihood, they will eventually publish on PS4 as well.  They can’t be looking at the numbers from Steam and Sony and think “yeah, cutting off 2/3rds* of our audience forever sounds good”.

What is shady as shit, though, is that they tried their hardest to make it sound as though Tomb Raider was an X-Box only exclusive, and did some real hair-splitting on the wording by repeating that it was “X-Box One only Holiday 2015”.  It’s not technically wrong, but it is intentionally misleading by virtue of withholding information.  I mean, all they had to do was add ONE WORD to that to make it clearer: “Rise of the Tomb Raider comes first to X-Box Holiday 2015.”  Boom, done.  I can’t blame Square-Enix for doing what they can to cut costs when bringing a AAA game to market, but I can blame Microsoft for relying on trickery to sell their products.

*I don’t know what the actual numbers on XBox/PC/Playstation buyers of Tomb Raider games are, it may be more or less 2/3rds of their audience. It’s 2/3rds of their potential revenue streams? IDK. Anyway restricting a sequel to a traditionally multiplat game to a single platform forever would be astoundingly stupid for S-E.

Great argument, however, if Crystal went out on a limb in confidence and developed an extraordinary sequel, turning a profit wouldn’t be so difficult.

Remember how TR: II was more successful and critically acclaimed than the original? Well everyone’s going to be watching “Rise of The TR” very closely. The reboot already established creditability and proof of concept. All they had to do was blow our minds with an even bigger and better game with the sequel. They wanted to initially make an exclusive deal with MS during the launch of the reboot, but that obviously fell through.

Crystal Dynamics acts like a smalltime indie studio.

They don’t need Microsoft.

I agree with most of you

But I also think that Square Enix probably saw the numbers and the reactions caused by this stupidity and will do whatever they can to get out of this deal with Microsoft as soon as the game is launched.

Which hopefully gives us the game as fast as possible.

Cause after all I still need this game for my PS4, just to show them by sales, that this shit would have never been necessary

I personally believe that Square will not try this move again, but I also can see both sides of the argument and how it can benefit Square, and MS as far as sales go. 

There are several issues of this whole mess that I do not agree with, but one of them that really stands out is the vague language that we’ve been given about it’s exclusivity.. It’s not cool to keep the fans in the dark like that. While I’m not entirely sure as to why the spokesmen do this, part of me wants to assume that it’s because of the contract that was signed? I’m not sure, but this is just an assumption.

Did Microsoft push their company and Square Enix to keep it hush? 

I ponder in my head how these conversations go, too.

Microsoft: “We (and you) cannot tell the community that it’s a timed exclusive. If we did splurge that kind of info, then people will not buy our console, since they know it will eventually be multi-platform.”

Square: “Have you seen the response from the community? People are enraged at us right now. We have got to tell them something?” 

Microsoft: “Fine. Tell them it’s a timed exclusive. Nothing more.” 

I just don’t enjoy being fed bread crumbs, you know? I understand keeping things confidential and under wraps, but this is a major ordeal that players need to be informed of, especially if they cannot afford the sudden console switch they may have to do now.

I honestly try not to be biased between consoles, and it’s hard sometimes with the wars that go on. Trust me, if I could afford it, I’d totally switch it up to Xbox, but do you know how frustrating it is when deals like this get made?

The best way I can describe this whole situation right now.. Is like having bought your favorite television or game series for the 15+ years that it has been out, and then coming home to find out that you do not have the right platform to watch/play them on.

It’s like buying the wrong car part, or finding out that your cell phone will no longer charge on your charger because it’s too big or small now, except that you’re given a message instead saying that if you want to still be able to watch your favorite shows/play your favorite games, fix your car, or charge your phone, you have to head out and spend even more money on something that you likely don’t have, which in this case will cost a few hundred dollars. 

It’s just really not cool.

Nobody wants to buy the X1, does nobody have the money for that garbage.

All I know, is that Darrell Gallagher needs to go work for Microsoft and leave Tomb Raider the hell alone.

He’s been pushing this agenda since the first unveiling of the reboot, and now that we all switched over to PS, everyone’s pissed and rightfully so.

Tomb Raider should be multi platform, so that we all have options.

Crystal and Square are a bunch of sellouts, and this sequel is jacked.

Yeeaaaah I’m getting an Xbone first. Not sure where this perception of TR = Sony comes from, and the over the top reaction makes me shake my head a bit.

Console wars are boring.

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As yet no significant arrests have been made for this latest spate of ‘Monstrum' killings in the capital. The press have sensationalised this latest outbreak of killings as “The Monstrum’s Dark Renaissance”, referring to similar atrocities in the capital over the last decade, and possibly as far back as the 1950’s. It would all appear to be the work of a single, highly psychotic perpetrator. The bodies were desecrated and all crime scenes daubed with unintelligible graffiti, indicating some ritualistic fixation. There are no known survivors of these attacks so far.

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